Shaping Europe’s digital future

The European Commission is working on a digital transformation that will benefit everyone and will open up new opportunities for businesses, boost the development of trustworthy technology, foster an open and democratic society, enable a vibrant and sustainable economy and help fight climate change and achieve the green transition.

The European approach will be based on three main pillars to ensure that Europe seizes the opportunity and gives its citizens, businesses and governments control over digital transformation:

  • Technology that works for the people by investing in digital competences for all Europeans, protecting people from cyber threats, ensuring development of Artificial Intelligence in respectful way…
  • A fair and competitive digital economy by enabling a vibrant community of innovative and fast growing start-ups and SMEs, making sure that EU rules are fit for purpose in the digital economy, ensuring that all companies compete in Europe on fair terms…
  • Open, democratic and sustainable society by using technology to help Europe become climate-neutral by 2050, reducing the digital sector’s carbon emissions, empowering citizens with better control and protection of their data…

The European Union will aim to become a global role model for the digital economy, support developing economies in going digital and develop digital standards and promote them internationally.

“The digital transition should work for all, putting people first and opening new opportunities for business. Digital solutions are also key to fighting climate change and achieving the green transition.”

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